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Plan-A-Biz was developed in 2004 as a cutting-edge tool for entrepreneurs, bankers and consultants to gather key demographic and business climate information. It has served its purpose well!!

Plan-A-Biz will now be part of our InfoMentum Online service which is currently under development.

If you are in need of demographics and socio-economic information for your business plan, we have the following resources available to you:

FactFinder Online - A comprehensive collection of tables containing vital demographic and economic information for the SC Upstate Region.

If you need more detailed information based on a radius, drive time, or selected area, contact our office for information on our Radius and Demographic Reports. Talk with either Beth Lewis or Cricket Jenkins at 242-9733.

This project was funded by an Appalachian Regional Commision Grant, with additional funding and development support from the Appalachian Development Corporation, the Appalachian Council of Governments, The EDIS Partnership (InfoMentum) and the Clemson Small Business Development Center. Technical Development by Brad Barnell, WebGIS Solutions.

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Plan-A-Biz is proudly sponsored by:

The Appalachian Development Corporation
A nonprofit economic development corporation making business loans in the six counties of Upstate South Carolina.
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Plan-A-Biz is proudly sponsored by:

A public-private partnership supportinginfomentum economic development with tools to compete, attract, and plan for new and expanding businesses.

Plan-A-Biz is an interactive mapping and demographic analysis tool designed to support small business development in the South Carolina Upstate.  It helps entrepreneurs, bankers, and consultants with business plan development by providing key demographic and business climate information for an area around a proposed or established business.
SMALL BUSINESS RESOURCE LINKS is a catalog of organizations and websites that support small business development
The PLAN-A-BIZ TOOL leads you through simple steps to enter business type, proposed location, and minimum market characteristics to produce a printable report that includes:


Summaries for key demographics in the user specified market area. (Values for 2005 and 2010).
Annual household expenditures for your business type.
Map of the market area showing census block groups.
Traffic count map for a one-mile business radius.

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